The Team at Big Heart Ranch: Staff and Volunteers

BHR believes in the parallel path of healing, which means our staff, human and animal, are also on our own principled, healing path. Ours is dedicated to the practice of kindness, honesty and unconditional positive regard.

Human Staff


Suzi Landolphi

Co-founder, MFT

Suzi started BHR from her own healing experience with horses. Little did she know it would lead to rescuing all kinds of animals to help with the human healing process. She created Horse Inspired Growth and Healing (HIGH) and Horse Inspired Psychotherapy (HIP). Suzi is also the Clinical Director of Acadia Malibu where BHR ranch has found a loving and supportive home. Her best reference is Daisy, the native deer, who has chosen Suzi as her mother.


Corey Cardenas

Program Manager and HIGH Facilitator

Corey has been horse crazy for as long as she can remember. Regularly riding and being with horses since she was three, Corey has been well shaped and trained by the horse. She is continually learning the subtle art of body language and reading energy. With a genuine love of people, trust in the Divine, and a sense of humor, Corey has been offering this work since 2011. She is a HIGH and EAGALA certified equine specialist and has two healing horses Koa and Gracie.


Jenna Zucker

HIGH Facilitator

Jenna grew up in Agoura Hills, CA. and is currently training to be a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Antioch University. Jenna grew up loving horses and truly values the healing opportunities that animals can provide for people and that people can provide for animals. She passionately believes in every individual's ability to empower themselves with support, and utilizes her curiosity, knowledge, and empathy to be present for our clients while creating a space for transformation. Having worked through a great deal of personal trauma, Jenna is now a HIGH facilitator who loves to laugh, stands up for what she believes, and never gives up hope! Just ask our Pot Belly Pig, Tootsie, how wonderful Jenna is.


Chris Smith

Horse and Animal Caretaker and Assistant to HIGH Facilitators

Chris came to us during his own teenage healing journey. Right off we knew he had a gift with all the animals. He has a BIG Heart and models the growth we all deserve. Goliath especially loves him and that’s all the reference he needs. So grateful to have this amazing young man in our family.

Animal Staff

Jed the donkey
Tennie the blind mustang
Chance the elder statesman mustang
Bambi the fallow deer from England
Daisy, our hand raised rescue native deer
Thunder the alpaca
Tootsie, our pot belly pig
Shadow the Mini Horse
Bella the Mini Horse
Guinea pigs

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